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heres the appacation for a job in the group info down below:
Your username: rockythebunny13
What program do you use? pixlr
 Have you had experience working in a group before? no
Why do you want to become a staff member of WiliwaySecretGardens ?: I wanted to start making deers and contribute to help make the group grow
Are you able to make at least 1 pet per week?: yes i can
Please describe one new species you would like to see at WiliwaySecretGardens : most likely a type of deer where its like a camoflage type where it can blend around with its surroundings or some types of my deer i drew down below
Win 20140322 100944 by rockythebunny13

Win 20140322 100811 by rockythebunny13

Win 20140322 100822 by rockythebunny13
I proabaly did this all wrong  :( but i really wanna join and draw more of these for the people in Wiliway :D
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Submitted on
March 22, 2014


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